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3 things I will do this summer before returning to work with my laptop bag

bis Persheng Babaheidari auf Jul 18, 2021

Business women having vacation in France with work and laptop bag

I love to work hard in periods - but I can only handle it if I have some downtime in order to recover afterwards. Summer is the perfect time to slow down, relax and have time to think clearly. It's so easy during hectic periods to forget your direction (in business terms: strategy) - therefore it's the perfect opportunity to focus on your strategy in less hectic times.

You maybe thought this article would be about what I will do on my vacation that is not work-related, but it's actually about what work activities I want to prioritize that will fit perfect in to the holiday calendar. Here is my top 3 list:

1. Growth plan - In what pace do I want the business to grow, what countries are the next ones to enter and what products do I want to focus on?

2. Collect inspiration - inspiration for both content creation as well as product development. Many people ask me how I come up with the designs, but the honest answer is to not rush it - let it come to you. It needs to be processed in your mind before it clears up

3. Communication - how do we want to communicate and what do we want to communicate? There is so much more I want to tell you about what we do and in order for you to know about it we need to say it... so difficult but still so simple

Of course I will take some REAL vacation as well. As I said, it's important to recover and recharge.



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