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Supply chain

We use materials that last BY BANOO

Our bags' leather and metals are made in Italy. This to assure the highest quality to you as well as sourcing our materials near our factory to avoid unnecessary transportation.

We have sustainable production in Europe BY BANOO

All production is made in a small family owned factory in Estonia near Tallinn. It's a Swedish family who founded the factory 30 years ago, and today they are 70 employees.

We handle our products in Sweden to make sure we only ship the best quality BY BANOO

When the bags are finished they are shipped by sea to Sweden to our warehouse. It takes less than 24 hours from the factory to our warehouse due to the close location.

Our customers are located everywhere in the world. We send our business bags to you with love. BY BANOO

You ladies are located everywhere, and your order will be sent from Sweden with love.

European origin


Fun facts about carbon footprint

Environmental impact - are bags are more sustainable due to local production

We want to do everything we can to minimize environmental damage. Therefore, our bags are produced closer to home, more specifically in Estonia.

Climate impact from transportation can be reduced in mainly two ways - less distance between factory and warehouse and choice of transportation vehicle. Many companies choose production in Asia, which by its longer distance increases environmental harm. Furthermore, if the company chooses transportation by air, it will harm the environment even more. Therefore, we want to share the CO2 emissions of our bag transportation in relation to China - just to give you an idea of how much it differs. Instead of showing you hard numbers, we thought it would be more relatable to compare the CO2 emissions with things we are familiar with.

To transport one bag (1.2 kg) from Estonia to Sweden by sea releases 4 g of CO2 emissions. This equals the energy usage for 21 cups of brewed coffee, 12 minutes of hairdryer usage or 6 hours with your laptop. This means that if we would have produced the bags in China, it would be 31x more emissions by sea or 1797x more emissions by air.

What does this mean? Well, just by having the production closer to home, you will be able to buy your dream work bag while having a greener conscience.