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3 reasons why you should invest in a leather work bag

bis Alice Gilljam auf Apr 04, 2022

3 reasons why you should invest in a leather work bag

Haven’t we all, at least one time or another, been tempted to buy that gorgeous colorful bag in a synthetic material but then been disappointed of the deficient quality? I know I have and within a year (or even less) it’s barely useful anymore. This can be both expensive and not sustainable in the long run. Anyone who has then invested in a leather bag knows how it feels to have both a durable and stylish bag, which only gets more and more beautiful over time. 

So, let me tell you the benefits of buying a leather bag, and my thoughts on why it can be one of your best purchases! 

1. A timeless statement accessory

If you are one for trends, you know that leather never goes out of fashion. Leather is timeless and whether it’s a laptop work bag or a leather backpack, they match every outfit and makes it elegant and classy – simply a timeless statement accessory all women at every age need!

Below is a picture of our laptop bag for women, Signature briefcase – Espresso. Elegant, right? 

Leather work bag woman

2. Durability & Quality

Bags, wallets or backpacks are items we all use almost daily, and we want it to last. Leather is a strong material and durable compared to synthetic bags. If you take care of the leather properly, your leather laptop bag can last a lifetime – up to 100 years. How great is that? You will be able to use your leather bag every single day without fear of it getting torn. Leather also has a natural flexibility that makes it age beautifully and not lose anything from its stylish look, form or functionality, if you take good care of it of course. I recommend you read our bag-care guidelines that we have on all our product pages, to know how to take care of it, here.

leather vs vegan leather

3. A pocket saver

I agree that the price can be high, but instead of buying a briefcase or card holder wallet in low quality materials such as plastics a few times over the years, a leather item will be a better option both in a sustainable and economical perspective. By investing in a leather bag, you can save money and you won’t contribute to the fast fashion production. 

Here at BY BANOO, we use cow leather for our products. Cow leather is a by-product from the meat industry and instead of discarding the leather, we believe it’s a better option to use it. We are open for other innovative materials even if we know the benefits with real leather, since there are people who from an ethical point of view want to wear alternative materials (which we respect). We want to be an inclusive brand, so we are experimenting with vegan options as well, but we need them to be sustainable and long-lasting too.  

The next time you are looking for the perfect bag for yourself or as a gift to someone else, you should consider the material and invest in a leather bag. You won’t regret it! 

xx Alice 


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