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Out of 23 brands offering work bags for men, only 10 offer them for women

bis Persheng Babaheidari auf Apr 05, 2021

Elegant business laptop bag for business women

It bothers me that very few well-known brands offer laptop bags for women, but all of them offer them to men. It may sound small-minded to focus on bags when talking about equality, but that's the point. To offer women business accessories that have been available for men for several decades is our way to support women and equality in business.

I just wanted to share our reality with you - so I selected 23 brands that are well-known including a few Swedish brands that are definitely known here. As you can see, only 10 of 23 brands offer business bags for women while offering them for men. There is obviously a gap here, and more than 60% of the brands haven't been able to catch up yet. I know many successful women who buy themselves luxury handbags with their hard-earned money, but finding a work bag has been a bigger challenge.

As for the list below, I've made my selection in regards to the following criterion:

  • Selection of brands: well-known international and local brands in Sweden selling products to both men and women - and offering business bags to men as a first criteria
  • A mix of brands in regards to retailers and basic to luxury brands
  • Definition of Business bags: The bag or category is branded as business bag, work bag, laptop bag, briefcase or similar - words that you associate with work

What are your thoughts on this?

Very few brands offer business bags for women


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