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4 benefits with working remote

by Alice Gilljam on Mar 30, 2022

Alice Gilljam, intern BY BANOO


My name is Alice and I study e-commerce in Malmö, where I also live. It was during my time at the e-commerce company Bygghemma Sverige that I discovered my interest in e-commerce and marketing and later chose to start an education in this area. Right now, I have an exciting time ahead of me because I have the honor of doing my internship here at BY BANOO. Below is a picture of me! 

Alice Gilljam

During my time at Bygghemma and as a student, the pandemic affected a big part of the daily life. It has of course been an extremely challenging time for all of us, but something I have discovered during this time is the benefits of working remotely. Some doesn't like it at all, while others like me, think it gives us more opportunities. For example, I probably wouldn’t have an internship at BY BANOO today if I didn't try working and studying remote and discovered the possibilities.

I thought I could share my thoughts regarding this and give you my tips on how to make it work, and how to see it as an opportunity, like me!

1. Think wider and discover your possibilities

Planning on working remote means that you have a wider range of job opportunities that are not limited by a geographical location. When I was looking for an internship, I had a hard time finding something in Malmö or nearby that suited me. I therefore started looking for companies that I identify myself with and found BY BANOO, a company that shares the same values as me and gives me the opportunity to work from Malmö. Perfect!

2. You can select your daily office

Working remote means that you can take your laptop bag with you and choose where you want to work from. Absolutely perfect in my opinion since I do my best work from a place where I feel comfortable and where I can be completely focused. Some days it might be at home, other days it can be fun to work from a cozy café or together with friends who also work remote. You can choose wherever suits you the best!  

working remote - tips from by banoo

3. Plan your days

Working remote gives you the opportunity to be very flexible. Take advantage of this as much as possible, but don't forget to plan your days. Create a functioning everyday life with routines that suits you and follow these routines. It's important to get up on time in the morning to feel good and not extend your work to the evening, even if you don't have an early bus to catch. 

4. Stay motivated 

Create to-do lists, set goals for the weeks, schedule meetings with friends outside of your working hours. Do things that keep you motivated and makes you feel good about in your work and in your free time. I get motivated to work more effective when I have something to look forward to during the day or after the workday. For example, take a lunch with a friend or plan something fun to do in the evening.

working from home, tips and benefits

As I mentioned earlier, working remote is not for everyone, but I personally think it's worth trying since it can provide more opportunities and a more enjoyable everyday life. Feel free to comment if you have any thoughts on this to share! 

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