In a perfect world - we would do everything we can to go completely sustainable from day one. But that is quite impossible. Instead, we want to be transparent with you about our journey towards becoming more sustainable along the way - because that is achievable.

Italian leather

We only work with Italian leather to assure the best quality. We are proud to work with a supplier that is LWG Gold Rated and holding a Blauer Engel certificate - two important certificates in making the production process of leather as sustainable as possible. We have chosen to work with leather instead of synthetics based on two important reasons:

1. We want the quality last and not tear off because of poor materials. If taken care of properly, leather can hold up to about 100 years - a perfect bag to give to the next generation of strong women.

2. Cow leather is a by-product from the meat industry - instead of discarding the leather, we believe it's a better option to use it.

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European craftsmanship

When choosing a production site for our bags, we had certain criteria that needed to be met. The first, was that we wanted to have a factory close to Sweden to minimize carbon footprint in transportation. The second was that the factory needed to secure high quality and knowledge in leather and bags. The third and most important one, was that the factory workers have good work conditions. Today we work with factories based in Estonia and Portugal, due to their expertise in leather and craftsmanship and attention to detail. Since our factories are located within the EU, their minimum wages and working conditions are protected via EU regulations, securing an ethical working environment.

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Giving back to women

We are a brand for women, and we believe that we need to support each other no matter what. That's why we initiated a collaboration with UN Women Sweden, so you can contribute to helping other women when purchasing from us. When you buy any item we make a donation to selected projects to women who need it the most.

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